C'8 – Coordinate

Aid Coordination Platform

An international, purely altruistic, open source, free and available to all tool of pure giving

If disaster strikes, do you know where you'd turn to coordinate aid, to make a direct donation or to request help getting back on your feet?

Welcome to (the work in progress of the demo version (MVP) of) C'8 – Coordinate the international disaster aid coordination website app that unites all first responders, volunteers and groups, emergency managers and aid givers, etc, while also crucially connecting with all disaster-stricken victims and communities and with people in need everywhere, and inclusively also connecting everyone else in the world that might be moved to give aid from a distance in some way, all in a game-changing way.

C'8 is a tool of efficiency and effectiveness in disaster (and other) aid coordination and of pure aid giving. Among other things, C'8 facilitates direct, specific, immediate, zero overhead, 100% transparent aid donations enabling people to not only give to a specific need for a specific person or family, but even to give that aid directly to the supplier of items needed. This along with the C'8 Report Abuse platform, the C'8 Trust Factor, etc will all help eliminate the opportunities for abuses which, in the industry of charitable aid are rampant, even worse in the relative chaos of disasters.

With C'8 you can create your C'8 Profile and categorize yourself or your group generally as an Aid Giver, as an Aid Giving Group, as being In Need of Aid, as an Aid Materials Supplier, or Other if none of these apply, adding aid giver credentials, the nature of the aid needed descriptions and details, and any other pertinent details, etc as needed, all with quickly changeable privacy control levels.

If you're someone in need of a tarp for temporary shelter after a hurricane took your roof for example, you could take photos, video, etc and create your C'8 Needs Post. Someone on the other side of the world that heard about the hurricane and wanted to help but that has no money to give for example could use their computer and internet connection to help this post find a supplier of tarps that's open since the hurricane, creating the link for subsequent viewers to donate directly a portion of the cost of that tarp in that person's name. Another person might have no money to donate, but a vehicle and see that this C'8 post was also marked requesting Help With Delivery and offer their coordinated delivery right there in the same post comments. Once the tarp is fully paid off, the creator of the post, the person tagged as the deliverer as well as any volunteer group, etc coordinated to help with the installation are all notified. Once the tarp is installed the creator of the post can add photos, videos and thank you messages directly to their post giving all donors direct, immediate transparency and a platform to be and remain connected (depending on the privacy settings chosen, for those that choose to give anonymously for example) making the simple act of giving more pure and tangible in a unifying, empathy-building way as it should be.

C'8 gives the filter option to filter everything in C'8 to only a group or groups, giving the option to use C'8 as an isolated tool as many groups currently do. This gives the benefit to anyone using C'8 of having the rest of the C'8 world just one filter button click away for truly maximizing. Is it an efficient and effective force-multiplier like C'8?

C'8 is purely altruistic and 100% transparent. The direct donations to C'8 Needs Posts are direct to the supplier (whenever possible) eliminating the possibility of abuses on many levels and are purely transparent. Separately, donations and funding aid of all types from all sources worldwide to C'8 Support are specifically for C'8 development and implementation worldwide, also proudly detailed with 100% transparency, further eliminating possibilities for abuses. All C'8 software development, implementation and other wages will be fair on an international equality-fighting level, never abusively high, and also 100% transparent.

We're still in development but especially with your help are further along each day. Thank you for your support and participation. Welcome to C'8!