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City · Manzanillo
State · Colima
Country · Mexico
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Happy World Humanitarian Day 2019 from Team C'8! ''Celebrated every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is directed towards honoring humanitarian efforts worldwide and propagating the idea of supporting people in crisis. On this day, OCHA advocates on behalf of the entire humanitarian community. World Humanitarian Day 2019 is set to celebrate Women Humanitarians and their undying contribution in making the world a better place. Women Humanitarians hold a sense of unparalleled uniqueness, one that adds to the global momentum of female strength, power and perseverance. It is time to honor the women who have acted as first responders to the darkest hours of crisis. This year’s campaign on Women Humanitarians supports the recognition that women deserve in the strengthening of global humanitarian response as well as in protection efforts under the international law. This August 19, rituals of everyday life will be used to showcase the contrast of what our humanitarians encounter on a daily basis. As we would map moments of everyday life against women humanitarians all across the world, these special women’s experiences would seem all the more relatable and real. We seek your support this World Humanitarian Day in honoring those women who have tirelessly improved countless lives, showcasing incredible strength along the way. Happy World Humanitarian Day!''
This is a test report. A nonprofit aid group repossessed a modular aluminum wheelchair ramp from a disabled hurricane Sandy victim they donated it to just days earlier over a verbal dispute with the victim, despite the victim being on medications and clinically depressed. Even worse, this ramp was actually donated by another group with this nonprofit coordinating.
I'd like to offer $100 USD worth of tarps (or whatever is most urgently needed) to a hurricane Dorian victim in need of help where I could make a direct payment to a local building materials supplier happy to accept my payment/donation on their behalf.------Quisiera ofrecer $100 USD en lonas (o lo que sea más urgentemente necesario) a una víctima del huracán Dorian que necesite ayuda para poder hacer un pago directo a un proveedor local de materiales de construcción feliz de aceptar mi pago / donación en su nombre.
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Here's the list of C'8 needs posts fulfilled to date. ---- Aquí está la lista de las publicaciones de necesidades de C'8 cumplidas hasta la fecha.
A man named Rafael that I have known here in Manzanillo, Colima, México the past few years has one leg and a very old, in poor condition wheelchair. With his permission, I'd like to help him to find a supplier, get his measurements and details for an appropriate new chair, and to create a link here for anyone to be able to donate toward its cost directly to the supplier. I spoke to some people at the hotel Barceló that said during the holidays they donated a chair to him during the holidays, but apparently it was so inappropriately sized for him that he couldn't accept it. I will get a representative from the hotel to comment on this post as to the status of any potential 2nd attempt to be sure that we do not overlap efforts and also to potentially gain their support in the effort.
Here's a list of the C'8 needs posts fulfilled to date. ---- Aquí hay una lista de las publicaciones de necesidades de C'8 cumplidas hasta la fecha.
What work can you do from home? A person with a 3D printer could print and assemble much needed face shields and sell and/or donate them to local or distant hospitals that need them most for example and it can all be coordinated here in C'8. --- ¿Qué trabajo puedes hacer desde casa? Una persona con una impresora 3D podría imprimir y ensamblar protectores faciales muy necesarios y venderlos y / o donarlos a hospitales locales o distantes que más los necesitan, por ejemplo, y todo se puede coordinar aquí en C'8.
#DrinkingWater NEMA Grand Bahama/EOC Freeport, September 28 at 2:56 PM FREE PURIFIED DRINKING WATER from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily. A huge thanks to the The Grand Bahama Utility Company who partnered with Mercy Corps, Resolve Marine and Siemens to make these stations a reality. Check out the notice for locations, and don't forget to bring your containers to fill up. #NEMAGrandBahama, #BahamasStrong, #RebuildingGrandBahama
''MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator That Can Be Built for $100 Clinical and design considerations will be published online; goal is to support rapid scale-up of device production to alleviate hospital shortages. One of the most pressing shortages facing hospitals during the Covid-19 emergency is a lack of ventilators. These machines can keep patients breathing when they no longer can on their own, and they can cost around $30,000 each. Now, a rapidly assembled volunteer team of engineers, physicians, computer scientists, and others, centered at MIT, is working to implement a safe, inexpensive alternative for emergency use, which could be built quickly around the world.''
Me gustaría ofrecer $500 MXN en alimentos o artículos de farmacia a 5 de las primeras personas aquí en Manzanillo, Colima (o en cualquier otro lugar de México) que necesiten ayuda y creen sus perfiles C'8 (solo se requiere nombre, correo electrónico y país, pero se sugiere una foto y una breve descripción) y cree una publicación de necesidades en C'8 que incluya una lista de compras de artículos solicitados de que totalice aproximadamente $500 MXN. C'8 es una plataforma de coordinación de ayuda puramente altruista en la que he estado trabajando para lanzar desde ser voluntario en la ayuda del huracán Sandy en Nueva York y Nueva Jersey en 2012. Espero / esperamos pueda ser de ayuda en sus esfuerzos de coordinación de ayuda y por favor comparta esto libremente para puede ayudar a otros. Disponible en Español y Ingles. --- I would like to offer $500 MXN in food or pharmacy items to 5 of the first people here in Manzanillo, Colima (or anywhere else in México) who need help and create their C'8 profiles (only name, email and country are required, but a photo and brief description is suggested) and create a needs post in C'8 that includes a shopping list of requested items from totaling approximately $500 MXN. C'8 is a purely altruistic aid coordination platform that I have been working to launch since volunteering to help Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey in 2012. I hope / hope I can be of assistance in your coordination efforts for help and please share this freely so you can help others.
#WithC8 this COULD NOT HAPPEN as everyone would have the information of such donations and pending distributions of aid when working with one unified #AidCoordinationPlatform. Here's a sample of how such posts would appear, be mapped and be searchable with key words and phrases in C'8: Deliveries of donated goods from FEMA and other government and NPO groups have been received and stored in a warehouse in Ponce for distribution. Follow this post and/or ontact your local authorities for distribution times and locations of these materials with include: 100 pallets of bottled water 10 pallets of baby formula 8 pallets of sanitary products, etc These materials were discovered 01-18-20, over a year after they were donated and the people of Puerto Rico and in disaster management in general are outraged. #WithC8 this could not have happened as such deliveries and stored materials waiting for distribution would've all been entered into the C'8 system and mapped with access to C'8 and all of this data shared freely with all government, NPO, NGO and other aid groups and individuals as well as with all victim/survivors, local communities and aid materials suppliers as well all unified in one common platform of efficient and effective aid coordination. We can do better. We must do better! We invite you to begin using C'8 today. (work in progress) ----- #ConC8 esto NO PODRÍA SUCEDER ya que todos tendrían la información de tales donaciones y distribuciones de ayuda pendientes al trabajar con una #PlataformaDeCoordinaciónDeAyuda unificada. Aquí hay una muestra de cómo aparecerían esas publicaciones, se asignarían y se podrían buscar con palabras y frases clave en C'8: Las entregas de bienes donados de FEMA y otros grupos gubernamentales y de NPO se han recibido y almacenado en un almacén en Ponce para su distribución. Siga esta publicación y / o comuníquese con sus autoridades locales para conocer los tiempos de distribución y la ubicación de estos materiales con: 100 paletas de agua embotellada 10 paletas de fórmula para bebés 8 paletas de productos sanitarios, etc. Estos materiales fueron descubiertos el 18-01-20, más de un año después de que fueron donados y la gente de Puerto Rico y en el manejo de desastres en general están indignados. #ConC8 esto no podría haber sucedido, ya que tales entregas y materiales almacenados en espera de distribución se habrían ingresado en el sistema C'8 y mapeado con acceso a C'8 y todos estos datos se compartirían libremente con todo el gobierno, NPO, ONG y otros grupos de ayuda e individuos, así como con todas las víctimas / sobrevivientes, las comunidades locales y los proveedores de materiales de ayuda, todos unidos en una plataforma común de coordinación de ayuda eficiente y efectiva. Podemos hacerlo mejor. ¡Debemos hacerlo mejor! Te invitamos a comenzar a usar C'8 hoy. (trabajo en progreso)
What work can you do from home? People can sew face masks and sell and/or donate them to people, hospitals, communities, etc anywhere in the world in need of them for example. C'8 - Coordinate is a purely altruistic aid coordination platform that could be used to coordinate it all: --- ¿Qué trabajo puedes hacer desde casa? Las personas pueden coser máscaras faciales y venderlas y / o donarlas a personas, hospitales, comunidades, etc. en cualquier parte del mundo que las necesiten, por ejemplo. C'8 - Coordinate es una plataforma de coordinación de ayuda puramente altruista que podría usarse para coordinarlo todo:
I'd like to donate materials for indoor vertical gardening tubes to the primary and secondary school of the small town of Arroyo Seco, Jalisco, México that lost 80% of the town's roofs during the 2015 cat 5 hurricane Patricia. I still have contact info with the school principals and with their permission, I'd like to post my suggested design and materials and create a link for anyone to be able to donate directly to a local building materials supplier to the shopping cart of items required. I've always wished I could do more to help them get back on their feet after the storm.-----Me gustaría donar materiales para tubos de jardinería vertical en interiores a la escuela primaria y secundaria de la pequeña ciudad de Arroyo Seco, Jalisco, México, que perdió el 80% de los techos de la ciudad durante el huracán Patricia 5 de 2015. Todavía tengo información de contacto con los directores de las escuelas y con su permiso, me gustaría publicar mi diseño y materiales sugeridos y crear un enlace para que cualquiera pueda donar directamente a un proveedor local de materiales de construcción al carrito de compras de los artículos necesarios . Siempre he deseado poder hacer más para ayudarlos a recuperarse después de la tormenta.
''A Guide To Designing Low-Cost Ventilators for COVID-19''
Hello my friends. As C'8 is a user driven platform, we should all try to help others to create their profiles and posts and to help each other with suggestions and advice like brothers and sisters too. If you see a post does not contain a (not required) photo, or a brief comment about the nature of the need, or any related tag words or phrases to make their post filter searchable, or any specific items needed listed, or any suggested local or online vendors that have online shopping to empower direct, pure, no middle people or potential for abuse giving from anywhere, etc, please send them a direct message and/or comment your suggestions on their posts. I will continue to do everything I can to fund more needs posts as I'm able and to work to attract more potential donors with the purity and transparency of direct giving coordinated in one unified aid coordination platform of the people with C'8. C'8 is a work in progress and I/we appreciate your participation in its launch and hope it can be of help with all of your aid coordination needs!
Create Aid Needed Post Instructions: Ideally a C’8 Aid Needed post would: • Be made by the actual person in need (but they can be made on behalf of others too, especially when they have no internet access for example) • Include a photo(s), a description of the needs, relevant key/tag words and phrases, etc • Include a specific list of materials needed • And ideally they would also include a link of a recommended supplier(s) and even a screenshot of a shopping cart wish list for example making it very clear and easy for anyone in the world to make a direct payment/donation to a supplier that’s able and happy to accept it on behalf of the person in need. If you don’t know, it’s OK because your C’8 post is a great platform to get help coordinating such things including delivery, rebuilding advice, etc too. Later, after items are received and installed, ideally recipients would post photos and a thank you message to the donor(s) in the comments of their original post to complete the circle of transparency, helping to invite others to donate to such C’8 needs posts in confidence as well with your example.
We're proud to announce that the C'8 Report Abuse platform/button is now available (while logged out) for Anonymous Abuse Reports too for those in fear of retribution. This Abuse Report platform is not only for abuses related to volunteerism and disaster recovery, but all other subjects, including sexual assault and abuse reporting for example.We invite related law enforcement, social counselors, etc to help ensure posts are forwarded to the appropriate authorities in the case of apparent crimes, forwarded to counseling aid groups when appropriate, etc.
I'd like to offer $100 USD worth of whatever is most urgently needed to a victim of these Puerto Rico earthquakes in need of help where I could make a direct payment to a local building materials (or other) supplier happy to accept my payment/donation on their behalf. #SomosUno #MiOrgullo ------ Me gustaría ofrecer un valor de $100 USD de lo que sea más urgentemente necesario para una víctima de estos terremotos en Puerto Rico que necesitan ayuda, donde podría hacer un pago directo a un proveedor local de materiales de construcción (u otro) feliz de aceptar mi pago / donación en su nombre.
I'd like to offer $30 USD of food or pharmacy items to the first 5 people anywhere in the world in need of aid that create their C'8 profiles (only name, email and country is required but a photo and a brief description is suggested) and create a C'8 needs post including a shopping list of items needed and a link to a local or online grocery store or pharmacy with online shopping available for me to make their purchases for them. --- Me gustaría ofrecer $30 USD en alimentos o artículos de farmacia a las primeras 5 personas en cualquier parte del mundo que necesiten ayuda y que crean sus perfiles C'8 (solo se requiere nombre, correo electrónico y país, pero se requiere una foto y una breve descripción sugerido) y crean una publicación de necesidades en C'8 que incluya una lista de compras de artículos necesarios y un enlace a una tienda de comestibles o farmacia local o en línea con compras en línea disponibles para que yo pueda hacer sus compras por ellos.
Disaster History
I volunteered in the 1999 earthquake in Turkey, in the 2010 quake in Haiti, in hurricane Sandy in 2012 and in hurricane Patricia in 2015 and am now dedicated to the creation, development and implementation of C'8.
Disaster Comments
I am an unaffiliated volunteer that has previously volunteered with AKUT, Team Rubicon, Coalition of Hope (COH) and Portlight Strategies.