Michael Osibanjo

Address · Balogun Lagos Nigeria
City · Ikorodu
State · Lagos
Zip Code · 23401
Country · Nigeria
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  • Nigerian Redcross
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Nigerian Redcross St Andrew Detachment Ikorodu Division needs a wireless internet Wifi and a First Aid box for the Detachment.The internet modern will be used by members for training,research,online training course and to do pilot test for C8 Coordinate App.The First aid box for community first aid.
Thanks to C8 Coordinate for donating First-aid box to the Nigerian Redcross St Andrew Detachment Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria
As the crisis enters its sixth year, the Nigerian refugee situation has become a protracted one with humanitarian assistance and response needs expected to run well into 2019/20. In 2018, Boko Haram attacks on civilians and the related armed conflict continued to cause refugee influxes to neighbouring countries. Moreover, this conflict, combined with the pre-existing social, environmental and climatic conditions and exacerbated by resource and governance constraints continued to have a negative impact on the livelihoods of the affected population. It further disrupted market and social services, and deteriorated local economies in the Lake Chad region.
The RedCross is always Neutral and Inpartial
On Duty with The Red Cross on Covid-19
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Working with Nigerian Redcross has been so amazing